you, you are the flame i need
and you, cast a spell over me
and you, touch like the sun, 
shine when it's gone, fool every one

take, take what you want of me
say, say that you'll stay with me
and you, see where love hides, 
smile through my lies, go with the tide

where, where do you need to be
just, just tell me honestly
what, what's on your mind, 
don't be unkind, tell me it's fine

leave, leave every stone unturned
stay, stay where the fire burns
save, save every breath, 
forget the rest, it's for the best

will, will you be here for me
adore, comfort and care for me 
choose, choose any day, 
we'll run away, you just have to say

because you bring out the best in me
you passed every test to be
and you run without shoes, 
let me refuse, suffered my blues.